NFT art has not gotten the respect

and understanding it deserves.

We are here to change that.

Join us now.


NFT art has not gotten the respect and

understanding it deserves. We are here to change that.

Join us now.

Who we are

OG.Art platform was created by the Snark.art team and since 2018 we’ve experimented with blockchain technology as a revolutionary art medium. Read more
We produced various NFT-art projects, working with established artists from both the traditional and crypto art worlds: Mat Collishaw, Eve Sussman, Michael Joo, Danil Krivoruchko, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Nancy Baker Cahill, Kendell Geers, Tommy Hartung, Duke Riley, Volkmar Klien, Cassils, and many others.

Our OG.Art platform is a place not only for carefully curated collections of dynamic generative art but for a new approach to creative collaboration.

At OG.Art we believe that the future of NFT art is experimentation with the blockchain medium's interactive, generative, and dynamic possibilities. Therefore, we are developing an art platform that, together with leading artists, develops projects based on dynamic NFT technology. The projects of OG.Art interconnect, forming a whole new ecosystem and a super community. Here, everyone becomes a co-creator of this ever-changing universe, justly governed by DAO. These conceptual, experimental projects pave the way for other NFTs, and we invite you to support us on this journey.

OG.Art platform’s newest collection is the next step in digital Art History: A Dynamic generative art collection

We are thrilled to announce OG.Art’s upcoming collaboration with a major international gallery, a world class artist and YOU - the owner of a unique generative NFT artwork that engages with and changes according to digital works that you already own.

Though we are announcing the project details fully on the 22nd September 2022, we want to give you the chance to get a headstart in terms of owning such a dynamic work, a work where your own actions cooperate with the artist themselves to co-create a final vision.
Renowned artist’s
NFT debut
Unique dynamic
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OG.Art’s most recent collection drop earned
$14.2 million

Our ambassadors

Our vision

We believe NFTs as an art medium have great potential for the cultural advancement of modern society, and we invite all artists and art lovers to join us in spreading the word about its mechanics, possibilities, and conceptual beauty. Read more
NFT technology emerged as a tool for creating digital art and as a new medium for experimentation in 2017. It allowed many newborn artists to rise and find a global audience. But soon, the rush for hype and money became a prevailing motivation in this field. The market became overwhelmed with low-quality copycat profile pictures and spam and many conceptual artists and experimental projects were left behind.

Nevertheless, conceptual NFT projects created by artists, who explore blockchain technology as a revolutionary, interactive art medium, keep appearing. They bring innovation and cultural values to this space, but they are in the minority. We want to change the content and reputation of the NFT market by supporting and popularizing meaningful art projects.

Our principles

NFTs are not only about money, but innovation, and cultural values. We support projects that explore NFTs as a new artistic medium.
Until recently, collectors were only passive buyers. With new digital art, they can become co-creators, collaborating with an artist to help reveal their ideas. Collecting has never been so engaging and meaningful.
We consider traditional art institutions a necessary part of the cultural process: They help preserve historical works and provide them with value for collectors and broader audiences. Nevertheless, we also believe in direct interaction between the artist and their connoisseurs.
There needs to be a demystification of blockchain technology amongst mainstream audiences and a unification between the established contemporary art and new media art worlds.
OG:CR at Art Basel, Miami

Join us

We invite artists, curators, collectors, and art lovers to join our official club of believers and creators. If you believe blockchain is a powerful art medium waiting for its recognition, then become a friend of OG.Art and an NFT art communicator.

We are going to launch our next DROP in cooperation with Famous Gallery and Artists.