Created by Random International and Danil Krivoruchko, presented by Pace Verso and on OG.Art platform
The NFT art revolution has just begun

This new collaborative and interactive NFT project—titled Life in Our Minds (LIOM) and created by the experimental art collective Random International and digital artist Danil Krivoruchko—incorporates boundary-pushing technology that enables collectors to actively participate in the formal evolution of the NFTs to make them rarer.

How it Works
Upon buying, each collector receives a LIOM NFT that contains a small number of Boids.
LIOM NFTs gradually evolve as long as they stay in the collectors' wallet and are not put up for sale — they add new Boids to the formation, while the old Boids of the NFT gradually change their looks.
Some NFT properties are predefined (shape, evolution speed, and the maximum of Boids etc). Other properties are affected by the buyer's wallet. LIOM NFTs can also contain randomly distributed qualities such as high evolution speed, or higher Boids limits.
Each Boid simultaneously exists as a part of its NFT and as a part of the Mother Flock virtual sculpture. As more Boids appear and change their visual traits, the sculpture constantly evolves.
The final piece – The Mother Flock virtual sculpture – will be unveiled at a special art world event, produced by Pace gallery. And the web version of the sculpture will live on the OG.Art platform for anyone to view online
The Team
Established in 2005, Random International is a postdigital art group exploring the impact of technological development on the human condition. It is led by founders Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass (both born in Germany and currently based in London) and best known for their large-scale interactive installations, such as their critically acclaimed installation Rain Room. Their works were shown worldwide and are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the YUZ Foundation in Shanghai, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in LA, and many more.
Random International
Sculptor, Multi-media Artist
Ukrainian-born New York based multidisciplinary digital artist and art director whose clients include names like Apple, Nike, Intel, and Boeing. Krivoruchko’s work has won a variety of festival awards. He is currently nominated for a 2022 EMMY Award for Outstanding Main Title Design for the series "Foundation" as part of their creative team.
Danil Krivoruchko
Sculptor, Multi-media Artist
Pace Gallery's web3 hub for producing and launching blockchain-powered artworks. An early champion of artists engaged with technology, Pace has long held innovation as a core value.
Pace Verso
Since 2018 has experimented with the blockchain as a revolutionary medium, producing various NFT projects and working with established artists from both the contemporary art and crypto worlds, including Mat Collishaw, Eve Sussman, Michael Joo, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Nancy Baker Cahill, Kendell Geers, Tommy Hartung, Duke Riley, Cassils, and many others. In 2022 launched OG.Art platform, a space for carefully curated collections of generative, dynamic NFT art, and for new approaches to creative collaboration.
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What is blockchain?
The blockchain is a secure method for digital record-keeping that doesn't require a central authority to verify its data.
Do I need cryptocurrency to buy crypto art?
No, You don't.
So, what am I buying?
You are buying a token—a certificate of ownership on the blockchain. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are secured by smart contracts, lines of code that dictate the terms of use for those tokens. So, you are buying proof that you own an original piece of art.
Why do I need a crypto wallet?
Your wallet is the place where the NFTs that you've collected will be delivered. The most popular software-based digital wallet is MetaMask—you can learn how to install it on your desktop here.
How can I sell my NFTs?
You can sell NFTs through marketplaces like OpenSea, where you'll need to log in with your crypto wallet. This time, you will need cryptocurrency to pay the transaction commission. In the United States, the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency is through Coinbase, a simple-to-use US dollar to a cryptocurrency exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other crypto currencies. Marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible allow purchase of cryptocurrency from their interfaces.
Where can I see my NFT collection?
You can see your LIOM NFTs on the OG.Art website if you log in with your wallet. Metamask has a mobile app that allows for viewing of all the NFTs in your wallet, or you can go to OpenSea and find them in your profile. You can even view your NFTs on your Instagram if you connect Metamask to your account. Finally, you may create your own online gallery with tools like Spatial.
by Random International and Danil Krivoruchko, produced by Pace Verso and OG.Art