The art of tomorrow, now: NFT 2.0

The art of tomorrow, now: NFT 2.0

Meet NFT 2.0

Imagine NFT 2.0 – it’s generative, dynamic, and it interacts with your current NFTs! Our new collection is your chance to have a new generation of NFT.

Today we are thrilled to announce OG.Art’s upcoming collaboration with a major international gallery, a world class artist and YOU - the owner of a unique generative NFT artwork that engages with and changes according to digital works that you already own.

Though we are announcing the project details fully on the 22nd September 2022, we want to give you the chance to get a headstart in terms of owning such a dynamic work, a work where your own actions cooperate with the artist themselves to co-create a final vision.

Renowned artist’s
NFT debut
Unique dynamic
nft technology
OG.Art’s most recent collection drop earned
$14.2 million

Meet our team and contributors

Though we are being rather secretive regarding our collaborators on this exciting project, we can tell you more about our team and the previous artists we have worked with:

Our Ambassadors

Who are we?
OG.Art is a platform and a launchpad for dynamic NFT art collections and a completely new approach to creative collaboration. We have produced art projects in collaboration with Mat Collishaw, Eve Sussman, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov and Nancy Baker Cahill just to name a few.

Shortly after our success with the OG:Crystal collection, in collaboration with Michael Joo and Daniil Krivoruchko — and which gained $4.2M on primary, and $9.0M on secondary market — we now are going to be launching this brand new collection on our own digital marketplace.

Remember, the early bird gets the worm!

All early adopters will receive exclusive access to news, details about collections, and the opportunity to buy one of these NFTs.